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Managing Up!

Managing upward is a conscious approach to working with your manager towards mutually agreed-upon goals which are in the best interests of you, your manager and the organisation.

Managing upward facilitates the entire management process by making use of all the available expertise and resources to develop solutions to problems, rather than just talking about them, ignoring them or covering them up.

This topic provides strategies for keeping your boss in the loop and on your side, despite any differences the two of you may have in style and philosophy.

The key learning objectives of this course typically include:

• Developing a relationship with your manager
• How you can drive the process
• Understand your manager and yourself
• Managing expectations
• Promote your manager's goals
• Communicating with your manager
• Disagreeing with your manager
• Negotiating with your manager
• Agreeing on goals and expectations
• Steps for presenting problems
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