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Emotional Intelligence - Introduction

Developing lasting relationships is an essential attribute of all highly effective people. Your ability to relate to others and broaden your network can have lasting results on your performance, self confidence, social abilities and career potential.

This workshop explores the application of Emotional Intelligence (EI) in business today, with a particular emphasis on Self Awareness. In particular, how to identify and control our emotional triggers to ensure we remain calm under pressure and get the most from our relationships at work.

This is a "must do" course for all professionals and is one of our most popular courses.

The key learning objectives of this course typically include:

• Background to EI
• The EI framework
• The competencies - core messages
• The four dimensions
• Application of EI in business today
• The algorithm - a pathway to success
• The EI framework: Cluster 1 self awareness
• Purpose | Values | Needs Analysis
• Self management
• Social awareness
• Empathy (Social awareness)
• Relationship management
• Influence (Relationship management)
• Measuring EI
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