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Influencing Skills

How influential are you?

Do you make a positive impression?

Do people trust you?

Do people buy your ideas?

Do people buy your products?

These common questions are asked by managers, high potential employees, service professionals and sales people - in fact anyone who wants to, or needs to influence others at work.

This is a must do course which breaks down all the components of how to influence. 

Course topics typically include:

  • Self Awareness - understanding your impact on others
  • Empathy - reading others and understanding their needs
  • Communication skills - adapting your skills to be "heard" by others
  • Understanding your style under stress
  • How to communicate your message - language, tone and voice
  • Assertiveness skills - how to sell your message
  • Optional diagnostic tools, eg Emotional Intelligence Inventory or Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument.
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