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Negotiation Skills

Most of us are not confident when going into a negotiation situation - often because we have not been taught which tools to use or how to conduct ourselves.

This program has been designed to increase your competence and confidence as a negotiator by following a structured process.

By using the seven step negotiation model and reflecting on the results, participants will find their negotiating skills improving over time.

The key learning objectives of this course typically include:

• Identifying and responding to different negotiating styles
• Identifying the five traits of an effective negotiator
• Applying the five core negotiation conventions i.e. how to play the game fairly
• Preparing for a structured negotiation
• Identifying the interests and motivations of the other party
• Developing solutions using techniques such as brainstorming and consequence and sequel
• Overcoming obstacles such as judgement or false assumptions
• Principled Negotiation vs. Positional Bargaining
• Asking questions tactfully and how to listen actively
• Showing empathy and assertive behaviour at the same time
• Developing your BATNA i.e. Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement
• Closing a negotiation

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