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Presenting To Influence (Advanced)

This program has been designed for senior business professionals who, as part of their role, are required to persuade and influence key clients or colleagues through highly polished interpersonal skills.

This program aims to transfer conceptual theory and best practice techniques into practical application.

This is a very high interest course and should be done by all those interacting with high level clients.

The key learning objectives of this course typically include:

• Connecting with your audience
• Adult learning and effective engagement
• Communicating with a sense of purpose
• Global and linear thinkers
• Softening intense listening questions
• VAK learners
• Cialdini's 6 advanced influencing principles
• Presentation vs. Speech
• Presentation vs. Discussion
• Direct, indirect, informative or persuasive
• Reading non-verbal cues
• Pacing and leading
• Using rapport
• Selling ideas without being pushy
• People reading: Representation systems
• Six questions for intense listening
• People reading skills and matching
• The Whole Brain approach
• Sequencing your content
• Selling yourself and your ideas
• Transitions to assist information flow
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