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Recruitment Sales Force Management

From the new employee to the experienced and successful consultant, the needs of a recruitment workforce are many and varied. This program focuses on managing or leading for performance and addresses the key attributes of a recruitment team.

Exploring planning, structure, engagement, motivation and coaching models, this program will assist any team leader or manager to better understand, influence and drive the performance of their recruitment team.

Join the best trainers in the industry who have managed and taught winning sales forces in numerous recruitment sectors and across industries in general.

You Will Learn How to:

  • Understand the global benchmarks for highly effective sales force management.
  • Set effective sales targets and strategies that inspire your team not daunt them.
  • Gain the essential skills in coaching and mentoring for sustained success.
  • Use Emotional Intelligence skills to better understand the team’s key motivational drivers.
  • Sustain and improve performance past competency levels ensuring improved retention of your sales force.
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