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Time Management Excellence

Time is our most precious resource - it is non-renewable and cannot be saved.

It can only be reallocated from activities of lower value to activities of higher value.

Managing your time effectively begins with how well you think through your priorities in terms of what is important to accomplish and by when. It is also equally important to understand what is holding you back from doing this effectively in terms of the way you think, the way you organise yourself and the use of technology.

This course will help you to achieve this and much more.

The key learning objectives of this course typically include:

• Common myths about managing time
• The time management equation
• Understand your physiology
• Know your body clock - peak energy times
• Six steps to time mastery
• Planning your day
• Prioritising your tasks
• Managing your workflow
• Using time saving tools
• Microsoft Outlook tips for saving time
• Managing your physical workspace
• Managing interruptions
• Managing multiple tasks
• Managing people when they miss their deadlines
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