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Career Crowd™ personally selects, matches and places people into  Co Mentoring Groups based on each individual's career goals, aspirations and learning requirements.

Once placed into a Co Mentoring Group, a Lead Mentor is then assigned to you and is responsible for collaborating with you, your group – and the Career Crowd™ professional team - to design your program sessions and format.

The Career Crowd™ professional team, led by Anna-Lucia Mackay, includes Executive Coaches, Trainers, Specialist Educators, Instructional Designers, Recruitment Consultants, Psychologists, Wellbeing and Performance Experts, Management Consultants and Business Leaders from around the world.

Our people are authors, award winners, international speakers who have consulted, coached or trained individuals in top 50 global companies in regions such as USA, Africa, UK, Canada, Asia and the Middle East. 

Above all our people are chosen for the ability and desire to support, connect, develop and empathise with others – in order to bring out the best in all participants - and unlock potential!

Depending on the needs of you and your Co Mentoring Group we will share the very latest:

Business techniques
Communication and interpersonal skills
Confidence building skills
Leadership and management skills
People Dynamics
Strategies for dealing with difficult people
Emotional Intelligence Learning
Thinking skills
Personal Performance Effectiveness
And much more!

Once the program is designed each Co Mentoring Group embarks on a 6 month or 12 month program – meeting on average every 6-8 weeks in a central location easily accessible by you and your co mentors.

The sessions are informal, informative, collaborative, relaxed and above all affordable!

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