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Mentoring for Maximum Results

Whether working with an employee or colleague, this program will enable participants to effectively facilitate the professional development of those they manage, coach or mentor.

The aim of this course is to ensure participants understand the impact mentoring has in terms of employee attachment, engagement and satisfaction, knowledge retention and management principles. Participants will also learn practical skills in how to mentor effectively to ensure higher levels of performance all round.

The key learning objectives of this course typically include:

• Introduction to mentoring
• Mentor conversations
• Distinguishing between mentoring/coaching
• Human behaviour principles
• Defining the role of a mentor
• Characteristics of a role model
• Understanding what mentoring is NOT
• Dealing with difficult mentoring situations
• Formal vs. Informal mentoring
• Applying EI to mentoring
• Identify and use critical mentoring skills
• Learn to recognise talent
• Apply the GROW coaching model
• Personal adjustments of behaviour
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