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Recruitment Excellence

As many organisations are aware, hiring decisions have long-term repercussions on a business - especially if things go wrong.

Making the right recruitment decision will impact your team's performance levels, morale, engagement, communication with clients - and your overall success.

This program shows participants how to identify the particular skill set needed for a job. This is followed by processes for researching and conducting a best practice "behavioural" interview and the steps required after interview.

The key learning objectives of this course typically include:

• Importance of effective hiring
• Defining the job requirements
• Background and personal characteristics
• Assessing analytical and creative abilities
• Assessing decision-making style
• Assessing interpersonal skills
• Assessing motivation
• Developing a job profile
• Common assessment mistakes
• Screening resumes
• The "Behavioural" interview
• Structured vs. Unstructured interviews
• What questions to ask about a resume
• Encouraging the candidate to talk
• The decision-making matrix
• Checking references
• Making the decision and offer
• The offer letter
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