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Team Meeting Facilitation

Meetings can often seem like a waste of time. But for teams who use meetings effectively, they can be a very powerful tool to assist in problem solving, communication, motivation and decision making.

This course covers how to conduct meetings from start to finish - when to meet, how to plan for a meeting, how to keep a meeting on track, as well as how ensure accountability of all team members.

The key learning objectives of this course typically include:

• Types and purposes of meetings
• Preparing for a team meeting
• How groups reach decisions
• Conducting a team meeting
• When bad things happen
• When the group gets stuck or confused
• Following up after a meeting
• Steps for planning, conducting and review
• Steps for discussing a problem
• Tips for dealing with problem behaviours
• Tips for intervening at critical junctures
• Tips for ending a meeting
• Tool 1: Meeting planner's checklist
• Tool 2: Meeting agenda form
• Tool 3: Action and communication form
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