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Modern Standards for Business Writing

Very few of us are ever formally taught the skills of business writing.

For most of us, our first experience comes when we start a new job. We are suddenly expected to know how to compose business letters and emails or compile reports in the organisation's style.

This "must do" program will teach participants the principles of modern day business writing. It will increase you and your team's confidence in writing and impress clients with your communication skills.

The key learning objectives of this course typically include:

• The role of written correspondence today
• Appropriate use of the passive voice
• What does your writing say about you?
• Write to express, not to impress!
• The concept of "Plain English"
• Business writing and efficiency
• Avoiding wordy language
• Your customer's perceptions
• Avoiding word repetition
• Writing for the reader
• Using specific language
• Using active language
• Writing concisely
• Use of jargon and technical terms
• Use of correct sentences
• Calculating your document readability
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