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Email Writing Today

This course teaches participants to write clear, concise and professional emails to ensure they present themselves, their team or company in the best light to clients.   

Participants will learn strategies for writing emails which will be opened and acted upon - not ignored or deleted - by their readers. 

The course also explores the principles of tone, word usage, sentence construction and content structure of emails so they are understood after one reading.  

Participants will also be given guidelines on the practice of 'netiquette'.

The key learning objectives of this course typically include:

• When to use email
• Subject line activity
• When to avoid using email
• Strong leads
• Addressing options (To /Cc /Bcc)
• Composing an email
• Organising your information
• Structure and style
• Setting the right tone
• Spelling counts!
• Punctuation traps
• Modern day grammar
• Appropriate tone and formality
• Polishing your cyber manners
• Dodging conversational pitfalls
• How to avoid "flame" emails
• Powerful subject lines
• Netiquette guidelines
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