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Coaching for Performance

Coaching is widely recognised as being three times more effective than any other form of skill development within the work place.
Recognised as a "must have" management skill in most leading organisations today, this course explores the concept of coaching as a process of guiding, supporting and inspiring someone towards higher levels of satisfaction, performance and achievement.  

With the introduction of best practice coaching models, concepts and tools, this course will ensure you are well equipped to coach effectively. And the benefits to your team include: improved knowledge retention, skill transfer and performance.

The key learning objectives of this course typically include:

• What is coaching?
• Applying the GROW Model
• Coaching vs. Mentoring
• Delivering difficult feedback
• Why/when should I coach?
• Building agreement
• Understanding learning styles
• Leader as coach
• Developing an action plan
• Directive vs. Supportive coaching
• Preparing staff for new responsibilities

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