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Delegation Skills

Delegation involves the assignment of a specific task or project by one person to another.

It is one of the most important skills demonstrated by successful managers and the one most often neglected or overlooked by "overworked" managers.

Effective delegators spend time planning work assignments and organising resources to achieve business goals in the most productive way possible.

This program helps participants match the person to the assignment and takes you through each stage and skill, step by step.

The key learning objectives of this course typically include:

• The purpose of delegating
• The authority continuum
• Common arguments against delegating
• Tracking delegated assignments
• Delegation warning signs
• Providing support
• Reverse delegation
• Setting up the discussion
• Delegating by task
• When the delegation is in trouble
• After the assignment is complete
• Steps for delegating to the right person
• Steps for communicating the assignment
• Identifying skills for the assignment
• Tips for delegating effectively
• Matching the person to the task
• Tips for choosing what to delegate
• Delegation Skills Checklist
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