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Critical Conversations

Research tells us time and time again that the most difficult part of a manager's role is to conduct a critical conversation.  These conversations typically occur when emotions are high and change is necessary - meaning one or both parties involved in the conversation will be out of their comfort zone.

This program equips Managers with dialogue skills and strategies to remain calm under pressure. You'll learn to apply a set of steps that are designed to improve the communication process when conducting performance reviews, providing day to day feedback and setting expectations.

The key learning objectives of this course typically include:

• Components of a critical conversation
• How to fix misunderstandings
• Why most conversations are not effective
• Preventing emotions from being destructive
• Different brain functions during discussions
• Talking tentatively, yet effectively
• Analysis of verbal behaviours
• How to encourage other's involvement
• Accurately gaining another's point of view
• The role of feedback in verbal interaction
• Use of appropriate conversation levels
• Participants conversational styles
• Safety barriers to protect dialogue stress
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