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Proposal Writing Today

Whether you're writing a proposal for a client, a manager or another department - all proposals need a persuasive style and an appropriate structure.

This course is designed to help you effectively analyse your readers and write a compelling and convincing proposal with a structured format - with the result being that your readers take the action you seek.

The key learning objectives of this course typically include:

• Eight keys to an effective writing style
• When to write a proposal
• Understanding client needs
• Collecting information
• Designing your solutions
• Analysing your readers
• Choosing a winning strategy
• Structuring the proposal
• Overcoming competition
• Determining the level of formality
• Types of document structures
• Implementing the writer's focus
• Tool: Objectives pyramid
• Mind mapping as a planning tool
• Using visuals
• Using appendices
• Editing, proofreading and formatting
• Calculating the "readability" of your text
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