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Report Writing Today

The ability to write an effective report is an essential business skill.

Whether you're giving an update, reporting on a critical incident, giving feedback on your achievements or analysing options - there are key components you need to consider before writing your next report.

A report is always aimed at helping someone make a better quality decision based on the findings of your report. When written effectively, your report will be able to help your business make better quality decisions, help your clients have confidence in your decision making and raise your profile for the quality of your thinking and the clarity of your writing.

The key learning objectives of this course typically include:

• Attributes of a true report
• Writing in an objective style
• Strategies for overcoming writer's block
• Avoiding poor logic and flow
• Eight steps to effective report writing
• Defining terms of reference
• Researching
• Organising information
• Four structures for writing reports
• Three common reading styles
• Writing an executive summary
• Mind mapping as a planning tool
• Editing and proofreading
• Tool: Terms of reference template
• Preparing recommendations
• Use of appropriate headings
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