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Service Excellence

Service Excellence is simply giving your customers the right advice and guidance in a friendly and timely manner -  resulting in their high level of satisfaction with you or your organisation. 

However, sometimes this can be difficult. Particularly if a customer is being emotional or unreasonable with you.  

This course teaches participants the skills which can impact the customer's behaviour and satisfaction levels. These include: the words you choose, the pitch of your voice, your tone, listening skills, personal behavioural characteristics and pinpointing their underlying and unexpressed "needs".

The key learning objectives of this course typically include:

• Identifying customers (internal and external)
• Defusing conflict with customers
• Identifying implicit/explicit customer needs
• Handling complaints and difficult customers
• Customer perceptions and expectations
• Listening and questioning skills
• Stating your position with tact and diplomacy
• Application of Moments of Truth principles
• Emotional Intelligence and customer service
• The impact of attitude in customer service
• Adapting your style to suit your customer
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