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Communication Excellence

The ability to communicate effectively with others is an essential attribute of all highly successful people. It's about sharing, understanding and helping others to understand us. Managers who demonstrate sound communication skills are better placed to influence the behaviours of their team members and achieve organisation objectives.

This program focuses on the fundamental principles of communication and can be underpinned by Neuro-linguistic programming and/or Whole brain techniques. This ensures high level interest and the engagement of participants, as well as high levels of retention of information after the course is completed.

The key learning objectives of this course typically include:

• Common communication pitfalls
• Avoiding judgments
• Establishing friendly rapport
• Being clear and specific
• Adopting a clear speaking style
• Receiving criticism
• Using active listening
• Barriers to communication
• Questioning pitfalls
• Giving clear and helpful instructions
• Voice expression
• Using "I" statements
• Use of space and distance
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